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FREEDOM Artist : Cozmic Cat

Label: Jupiter Productions

Genre:House/ Electronica

Global Release : October 20th 2019

Full Album Sale only, Single track purchase enabled after Oct 20th 2019.

Toronto Based Producer and DJ Cozmic Cat is back in your earbuds, bringing her signature boundary pushing house music to fans with the release of her 2nd studio album, FREEDOM. The Forthcoming album is a follow up to her 2017 #CozmicLove LP and is set to be released on Oct 20th 2019. Along with the official album announcement, This also marks the release of the first single "NEEDJA" from the album, originally premiered by Philadelphia's Tastemaker Podcast Maggy Thump Show (MagzFM), and now available on all digital platforms. Cozmic considers the new album to be a collection of thoughts, musical ideas and turning points in sound culminating into the freedom of expression, or simply Freedom of the house music selection. "To reach a point where you have the freedom to just create and let go, that is my goal as an artist", says Cozmic.

Freedom is composed of 12 tracks ranging from vocal collabs , deep house tracks and down tempo nu disco vibes. The album features her most commercially successful track to date " I Was Wrong" which was accompanied by a music video created and realized by Toronto director Nancy Kim. 3 tracks from the Spring 2018 EP GEMS are also featured on the album , "I'm From Antigua" getting a re-rinse VIP edit courtesy of Cozmic Cat herself. Where each track is different in style and tempo, they all represent and reflect Cozmic Cat's Love and appreciation for classic house as well as an open and discerning ear for the future of Electronic music. Cozmic is a well known influence on the Toronto scene as a Dj and has appeared on many radio shows, blogs, events and remix projects at home and abroad. Her mission is to spread the message of CozmicLove through music and connect with like minded people along the way. She believes music is a way to share emotion, positivity and to intensify the universal connection between all of us as human beings. Stepping into the DJ booth, or dipping into the back end of the studio productions process are both gender defying and powerful roles she loves to model for the next generation.

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