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Greetings Global Fam! Welcome to our Crowdsourcing slash Fundraiser Page for Team Cozmic

We're raising money for 2 purposes : 

1: To help offset the devastating effects of the socially responsible choice that governments and municipalities have made and continue to make regarding closing venues and eliminating live events  to contain COVID-19 virus . These live events form the basis of Djs and entertainers like Cozmic Cat's livelihood and careers. Without these gatherings we have lost our income source and greatly rely on other supplementary sources of income as well as the generous support from our fans and supporters.

2:  To produce , record and tour our THIRD (!)  studio album . We are so excited about this next musical adventure and have quite a few cool surprises on it for you. Any support you can give is much appreciated and will really help us achieve our goal of creating and releasing more music, as well as sharing it with the world. Check out the rewards options below. Any amount you can contribute is amazing. If you haven't already signed up and joined our global fam,  please do so to stay up to date with the campaign updates. Release date is SEPTEMBER 2020!!

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Give what you can and help Cozmic Cat spread the message of #Cozmiclove around the Globe! This is a one time donation/pledge and any amount is amazing :) Supporters will be credited on the website . Please enter your name as you would like it to appear on the website. Each will receive a private link to an unreleased track from Team Cozmic. Supporters ( no matter what amount) also receive free entry to the next regular Cherry Bomb Event ( Toronto ) at Round Venue.

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