DJ Mindset: Interview with DJ LOUISAHHH!!!

Kicking off our brand new DJ Talks: Interview Series, Team Cozmic had the amazing opportunity to crawl inside Louisa Pillot AKA Louisahhh!!!'s mind and get some new insight from a global star and one of the best in the business. Coming at the world live from Paris Via NYC Louisahhh!!! gives us the straight goods on how its really done and what it all means..

Dj Name: LOUISAHHH!!! 

Years in the Game: Since '04 

City/Hometown: NYC 

Quick PIck Bio: 

Warrior queen, born in NYC, based in Paris via Los Angeles.  Co-founder of RAAR, former khaleesi of now defunct Bromance.  Thrilled to be alive. 

Best DJ experience you have had 

impossible to answer.  we get to do what we love for a living, this is one of the greatest gifts a life can offer.   the most recent great experience was ending up at a sweaty warehouse playing a secret set at a halloween fetish club after the money gig, getting to serenade a bunch of kinky ghouls losing their shit on the dance floor.  utter joy and freedom. 

Worst DJ experience you  have had 

there are, of course, the bad days, when it feels impossible to connect with the crowd, like no one cares or likes what you're doing, when you're burnt out and exhausted and lonely.  the last time this happened was about a month ago, on the anniversary of a friend's death, when the crowd was great but the sound sucked and I just couldn't get into the vibe, my grief felt overwhelming, and I spent the majority of the set trying not to cry.  djs are human too, hah. 

Favorite Genre(s) 

industrial, techno, punk 

Best advice you could give to new DJs starting out now 

don't try to sound like anyone else.  try to sound like the best version of yourself. 

3 things you did that changed the DJ game for you 

started making music, moved to france, worked on my strengths and asked for help with the stuff i suck at 

Favorite trend in the Dj world right now 

the EDM bubble is bursting, making way for more interesting, sustainable dance music culture. 

Mixtapes: yes / no


Requests yes/ no

not unless your ideas are better than mine. 

Streaming your sets live yes/no 

for special occasions (Boiler Room, Cercle, etc, sure.  Also for home recording of mixes because it prevents me from playing 75 songs an hour.  An audience is good for patience. 

Where do you see yourself in the future? 

My goals for the coming months are releasing my first album, doing a live show surrounding that, coming out with a ton of music on RAAR, continuing to grow in understanding and effectiveness. 

Thing that sets you apart from other djs in your opinion 

Ferocity, feminine power, voice, heart. 

Shit you wish people would stop saying to DJs 

people can say what they say, i'm gonna do what i do. 

#1 DJ myth 

this job is easy, this job is hard. 

 Residencies/ upcoming events  

nov 23 ROOM CLUB Poitiers (France) 

dec 1 PARADISO Amsterdam nl  

dec 7 NUITS FAUVES Paris (France) 

dec 11-15 FRIENDSHIP miami-Bahamas USA 

dec 21 BIKINI CLUB Toulouse (France)

What's next for you? 

Today? gym, horses, trying to write a damn song, recover from jetlag.. 

Anything else you wanna share? 

i love you very much. 


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