Maiden Voyage Secret Location

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Ahoy Maties! A Steampunkin insPIRATEional adventure is afoot and you’re invited to join our swashbuckling crew, dressed for the high seas while contributing to the spectacle that will alight the city's sky once again! Setting sail on July 24th beginning at 9pm, The SteamPunkin and Captain ROUS embark on the Toronto west end Maiden’s Voyage, where we take along our exclusive crew (yes, this especially includes YOU) invited via your donation through—helping this events success and all future ones! From the very start, your donation provides a full evening experience. It’s a pirate’s paradise waiting to be discovered. Sail, ho! Evening performances include: Tal LeeLee Mishi Cozmic Cat * H00pbabes


Aaron Lun (Graphics) So.. Add to the Booty! ...DONATE $20 (or what you can) and PARTICIPATE! Dress to plunder! ...let’s see you in your steampunk-pirate-wench-captain-glow-in-the-dark-parrot-matey best! We’re all part of the show! *Come out and shiver ye timbers and peg-legs to boot! up, dance and have fun! This event is by ‘invite only’. You must be on the mailing list to learn of our secret location. Please like, share, comment and follow @TheSteamPunkin!

Donate to: to be a part of the magical experience. You’ll receive an email with our secret location just after the cut off on the day. IMPORTANT: Cut off for donations through the site is 2 PM, Saturday, July 24. There's a ship to sail! Please respect physical space and be sure to leave no trace.

DONATION LINK DIRECTIONS: 1- Go to: 2- Suggested minimum donation $20 per person for the exclusive Maiden’s Voyage location announcement. 3- THIS PART IS KEY!: Select ‘Stay In Touch’ and enter your email address. NOTE: If using PayPal, the email associated with your account will be automatically submitted. The location will be sent to this address. Please confirm your Paypal info is correct prior to donating. 4- Check your inbox/spam/junk folders on July 24, approx. 2pm for The SteamPunkin: Maiden’s Voyage location announcement. Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.

9-10:20 Tal 10:20-10:40 Performance 10:40-12am: LeeLee Mishi 12-12:20 : Performance 12:20- 2am: Cozmic Cat