NPNP Amsterdam 2018

De Marktkantine, Jan van Galenstraat 6, 1051 KM, Amsterdam, Netherlands

After a two year hiatus, No Pants No Problem (NPNP) is VERY excited to be a part of the 2018 AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for a hot and sweaty summer affair on July 26th in the historical De Marktkantine. If you like grimy old theatres with lots of character, you’ll love this place. For this occasion we are going to be celebrating the 25th anniversary (while actually it is the 26th but who’s counting) of two bad ass organizations, The Global Network of Sex Worker Projects (NSWP) and The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network.

NPNP is a community driven event, that was started in Montreal in 2004 to create spaces that challenge sexual and gender binaries, critical inner (and outer) self-dialogue about bodies and sexual privilege in a pantless, and socially conscious hot mess! To date there have been 50+ globally, but the ones during the AIDS conferences have been particularly special. DJs Cozmic Cat, Nic Hotass + More