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Born out of  curiosity  and passion about the music business, pressing vinyl,  and a desire to know what goes on behind the scenes, Jupiter Productions ( est. 2007 by Canadian Dj and Artistic Director Paula Burrows)  became the next logical step manifesting out of a deep involvement in the DJ and nightlife scene.  Paula aka Cozmic Cat has always been an independent  entrepreneurial type:  founding a theatre group that showcased Black Stories, silk screening company that made T shirts for musicians and bands,  and managing a street promotion team that helped indie, midsize and larger labels promote their artists. While leading  the Theatre group "Sojourner's Truth" gave her the skills and confidence to build sets, hang lights and speakers, stage manage and visualize events, it was her work managing street teams in Philadelphia in the late 90s that gave here the chance to work with artists and labels, and see behind the curtain of an entirely different world.  She knew that one  day she would own her own label, promote and produce her own music and generally kick some butt!.  As a self managed artist,  Cozmic  Cat  had a  strong desire to  direct her own career as well as help others, especially women, achieve their music minded goals through service and mentorship. Today her team combines a  love for music with a passion for  doing "good business with good people" through various events and services ,  such as multiple record releases, remixes, clothing and merchandise sales, radio shows, livestreams,  soundtracks, custom mixes and collaborations. Jupiter Productions has long been breaking down the barriers of an extremely male dominated industry and works tirelessly to manifest a vision of unity and diversity on dancefloors and earbuds worldwide.  Currently, Jupiter Productions represents a successful 3 sided triangle of  record label,  electronic music production and live events.  

Record Label : We are currently accepting demos for House music and House related sub genres  (private links only) at jupiterproductions@gmail.com 

Live Events: Currently on hold due to COVID 19.  Join our MIXCLOUD for Livestreams and check the HOME page for current and upcoming shows.

Music Production and services: See below for our list of services.  CONTACT US for a quote or a callback to chat details!


Jupiter Productions provides  original music for your Digital media projects ,  including websites , professional and You Tube videos,  Film, TV  and presentations.

Remix services available for artists and bands.

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 Our  affordable and tailored Podcast services help you 

*Sound Professional :

Jupiter Productions provides comprehensive editing, mixing and mastering services for Podcasts from Creative types to Corporate funded  or Educational content.

 *Sound Unique:

We  provide original,  copyright free theme music composition, into and outro voiceovers,  foley (sound fx) and soundtrack elements to give life to your show! 

 *Get More Downloads:

We  can lend a hand with promotional consultations,  distribution strategies and video ads for Social Media to get your podcast some likes and listens. Please use the Bookings form for more info and a quote per episode or per campaign.

Some Examples of Our Work :

Everybody Hates Me: Let's Talk About Stigma Podcast

(Hosted By  Dr. Carmen Logie , University Of Toronto)

Celebrating Adversity Podcast 

(Hosted By Clarke Sorriano and Julian Noursi) )

Raising Children In a Pandemic: What Parents Need To Know Now

(Hosted By Dr. Ramona Alaggia, University Of Toronto)



Need a professional DJ ? Out Door events, Social Distance Events and Custom Mixtapes for any event, workout or theme. 10+ years of experience .

Got a controller lying around and don't know how to use it? We provide beginner lessons for CDJ or DJ Controllers.  Zoom lessons to build your skills and confidence, including how to stream live on Twitch or Mixcloud Pro. 

Want to learn music production on your computer? Beginner Ableton Software lessons available .


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We are a Woman  & Black Owned  100% Canadian Business based in Toronto, Ontario.