Born in Canada, and growing up in such varied places as  Tanzania, Vanuatu , Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia, Cozmic Cat aka Paula Burrows absorbed global rhythms from a traveling family and became obsessed with music at an early age.  After completing her degree at McMaster University,  she traveled to Philadelphia and became immersed in the  vibrant music scene there for over 9 years.  She became a self made dj who started from the ground up, handing out flyers and throwing small parties in Philly with friends, sharing their love of music, vinyl and the dj scene.  She  worked in a record shop by day, learning about the roots of Jazz, Soul, Funk and House Music from some of Phillys deepest crate diggers , and began dj-ing  with a passion that led to several awards and over a decade in experience in everything from warehouse parties to corporate galas. Now back in Toronto, she started her own label and production company Jupiter Productions, working on full length albums, tracks and remixes for herself and other artist both locally and internationally.
She continues to dj and promote events, one of which
remains successfully ongoing in Toronto after 11 years. Today, Cozmic Cat is considered one of Toronto's A-List djs as well as an accomplished music producer. She is booked regularly at top venues and clubs, across many scenes, genres and demographics,  as well as at a wide range of high profile events in and out of Toronto.  She is trusted as a world class entertainer who knows how to keep any event cool, relevant and above all fun.  Cozmic Cat's high energy , bubbling personality,  love of dj-ing, and  her ability to read any crowd has taken her from Iceland to Australia , South Africa to New York,  Up to  Canada's Northwest Territories and back again,  spinning her own uplifting blend of  house music, infectious rhythms and of course her own original productions.  A Cozmic Cat set will guarantee you the rare combination of live wire energy, wide musical knowledge, experience and professionalism, as well as a cool factor and confidence that comes from being a longtime key player in a scene she helped to build from the ground up.
Continuing to spread the message of #CozmicLove,
Coz has released a full length same titled album ( Sept 2017),  as well as dropping the fresh GEMS  e.p in March 2018.  Check the latest on Spotify , iTunes etc, and be sure to sign up to the mailing list to become part of the Cozmic Cat family.