July 2023 DJ MAG "The Future Is Bright" Article

July 2023 DJ Mag UK "Meet The Winners.."

June 13th 2023  DJ MAG: "Winners Announced for PTDJA Future Talent Awards"

Feb 18th 2023 Derry News "Year Of The Cat" (Derry, Ireland)

Feb 9th 2023 "These 8 queer Toronto DJs are making electronic dance music history | Blog - Yohomo"

Feb 5th 2023 Featured in OutRAVE Docuseries on Revry TV (USA)

October 6 2022 Live Exclusive Video Mix for THE DJ SESSIONS ( Seattle WA)

September 20 2022 Interview on THE DJ SESSIONS (Seattle, WA)

May 30th 2022 Feature in "L'Artis Magazine" (Montreal, QC)

Nov 2nd 2021 Feature on Entertainment Live Network (NYC USA)

July 15th 2021 Guest on "Let's Talk" Podcast with Che Marvielle APPLE PODCAST (Toronto, ON)

 July 1 2021 Top 10 Artist Pics  Never Apart Magazine (Montreal, QC)

 May 5 2021 Artist Talk Series with MagzFM ( Philadelphia , PA) 

April 30 2021 Station Takeover// Exclusive Mix for LTA FM  (Brooklyn, NY)

April 27 2021 Interview with Host David James on "Moovin' In The Right Direction" Radio Show CIUT 89.5FM (Toronto, Canada)

April 26 2021 Guest DJ Set//Exclusive Mix for HM PODCAST ( Moscow, Russia)

April 25th 2021  Zoom Interview  for TRADEMARK Artist Series with Stephen D'Amelio (Pride London) for the Pride London Network and International Day of Lesbian Visibility. ( LONDON, ON)

 April 7 2021 Guest on  Intentionally Ever After Podcast  with Intentional Lifestyle Coach Joe (Joe Bukartek) (DELAWARE, US)

April 3 2021 Featured on Never Apart Podcast with host Jordan King ( MONTREAL, QC)

Dec 10 2020 MAGZFM "ARTIST TALK" series (Facebook Exclusive) (PHILADELPHIA, PA)

Dec 8 2020  The Drake Hotel  Blog "5 Questions With Cozmic Cat" (TORONTO, ON)

Dec 4 2020 HOPE E.P Featured on !OMGBLOG!

August 26 2020 Featured on Last Day Deaf Music Webzine for an artist series Q&A

August 1 2020 Featured on Last Day Deaf Music Webzine for an exclusive premiere of the single "Open Up Your Mind"

 July 22 2020 Featured on Yohomo Blog " 35 Black Queer Toronto DJs you Need to Follow"

Jan  1 2020  Cozmic Cat-"Needja" named Track of the Year by MagsFM  online music magazine (Philadelphia)

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